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  • TVM Capital MENA and its healthcare companies take action to support staff members affected by typhoon Yolanda

    November 26, 2013

Dr Helmut M. Schuehsler, TVM Capital MENA’s Chairman & CEO, Chairman of the Boards of ProVita International Medical Center (Abu Dhabi, UAE) and Bourn Hall International (Dubai, UAE and India), Cambridge Medical and Rehabilitation Center (Abu Dhabi, UAE) and Manzil Health Care Services (Abu Dhabi, UAE) expressed his compassion with all people who have been affected by the storm hitting the Philippines a few days ago:

“The Philippines has suffered destruction on an unprecedented scale – helping fast and at the right place is our main objective right now. We are coordinating the efforts of the companies in our portfolio, generate ideas about what could be most effective actions and provide help and support as needed. TVM Capital MENA will donate $5,000 (218.000 PHP) to support those most affected. Our recruitment partner Health Talent Consulting is coordinating our efforts.

The money will be used to address the immediate needs of all those individuals from the Philippines who work with us, and our portfolio companies, with the remainder donated to the Philippine Red Cross. Together with the donations of ProVita International Medical Center, Cambridge Medical & Rehabilitation Center and Manzil Health Care Services, we now can provide $ 20.000 (approx. 870.000 PHP) to support our cause.”

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