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  • TVM Capital Life Science portfolio company Ixchelsis Ltd announces positive clinical Proof of Concept results for IX-01 in treating premature ejaculation

    January 25, 2016

January 25, 2016  -Sandwich, UK. – Ixchelsis Ltd, a UK based biotech company, announced today that it has achieved positive clinical proof of concept (POC) for IX-01, its oral oxytocin receptor antagonist being developed for the treatment of premature ejaculation (PE).
Ixchelsis is the second investment of TVM Life Science Ventures VII, a fund advised by TVM Capital Life Science in Montreal and Munich, which follows a new investment approach to developing pharmaceutical assets to a human proof-of-concept in single asset companies.

Dr. Luc Marengere, Managing Partner of TVM Capital Life Sciences said: “The positive outcome of our investment in Ixchelsis, achieved in a capital and time efficient manner, is very exciting and highly representative of our investment model.”

The Phase 2a study (PEPIX) was a randomised, double–blind, placebo controlled study, designed to investigate the efficacy and safety of orally administered IX-01 at doses of 400mg and 800mg, taken as required prior to sexual intercourse, in 88 patients with severe lifelong PE in the U.S and Australia. The study demonstrated that patients receiving IX-01 clinically and statistically significantly (P<0.01) improved their intra vaginal ejaculatory latency times (IELT) by more than 3.5 fold compared to those patients receiving placebo. Patients receiving IX-01 also reported statistically significantly greater improvements in their feelings of control (P <0.05) and distress (P <0.05) compared to patients receiving placebo. In addition, the proportion of patients rating their PE as slightly better, better or much better, as determined by the Clinical Global Impression of Change (CGIC), was statistically significantly greater for IX-01 compared to placebo (P <0.01). The drug was also shown to be extremely well tolerated with a safety and adverse event profile similar to that seen for placebo.

Gary Muirhead, Chief Executive Officer of Ixchelsis, commented: “We are delighted to have achieved clinical proof of concept for IX-01. We are particularly pleased that we have demonstrated significant efficacy together with a very benign safety and toleration profile in patients suffering from the most severe lifelong PE. We are now progressing into a Phase 2b dose ranging study to fully evaluate the dose response relationship. We believe that, based on these data and the current lack of safe and effective treatments, IX-01 has the potential to be a blockbuster treatment for PE. ”

Dr Chris McMahon, Director of the Australian Centre for Sexual Health in Sydney, Australia and the Principal Investigator for the study, said “These results are very exciting, we had hypothesised that a centrally acting oxytocin receptor antagonist should be effective in treating PE and these clinical data confirm that hypothesis. The treatment options for PE are extremely limited and IX-01 offers the potential to be first-line pharmacological treatment for men with this common and distressing condition. ”
The proof of concept study was conducted by New England Research Institutes, an independent contract research organization in Watertown, Massachusetts. Dr. Raymond Rosen, Chief Scientist of New England Research Institutes and international thought leader in sexual medicine, commented: “Along with its unique mechanism of action, IX-01 has an excellent profile of efficacy and tolerability. This may be an ideal treatment for many millions of men worldwide who suffer from premature ejaculation.”

About Premature ejaculation
Premature ejaculation is a sexual dysfunction affecting many adult males. Men with PE have great difficulty in delaying or controlling ejaculation during sexual intercourse. As a result, sexual intercourse only lasts a short time and finishes much earlier than the couple wish. This is distressing for both the man and his partner and can lead to low self-esteem, difficulty in relationships and avoidance of intimacy. For many men PE is a condition they have throughout their adult life, but for some men the condition can be triggered by other factors (e.g. some men with erectile dysfunction also develop PE).

About Ixchelsis Ltd
Ixchelsis Limited is an independent biotechnology company based in Discovery Park, Sandwich, UK. Ixchelsis is developing IX-01, an investigational compound, originally discovered at Pfizer’s, Sandwich, UK, R&D site. IX-01 is an oxytocin receptor antagonist with the potential to treat the male sexual health indication, premature ejaculation (PE).
Ixchelsis is funded by TVM Life Sciences Ventures VII and is led by CEO, Gary Muirhead together with an excellent management team with extensive experience in pharmaceutical R&D, particularly in the male sexual health therapeutic area.

About TVM Capital Life Science
TVM Capital Life Science is providing venture capital to the international pharmaceutical, biopharmaceutical and medical technology industries with more than 30-years of transatlantic investment track record and in excess of US$1.4bn raised and under management. TVM Capital Life Science currently invests from its 7th fund generation with an integrated team of investment professionals, advised by Dr. Hubert Birner and Dr. Luc Marengere out of Munich and Montreal. TVM Life Science Ventures VII, domiciled in Montreal, Quebec, follows an innovative, capital-efficient investment approach to developing pharmaceutical assets to human proof-of-concept in single-asset companies. The TVM Capital Life Science international team looks back on more than 130 investments and over 90 exits in the last 30 years, including more than 50 initial public offerings on all major U.S. and European stock exchanges and has gained unrivalled international investment experience with their track record of dedicated board work, extensive global networks in the world of life science research and product development and a direct knowledge of the local markets. In 2015, TVM Capital Life Science opened a new office in Hong Kong. With its advisory, corporate finance and investment teams located in Montreal, Munich and Hong Kong, the TVM Capital Life Science team provides investors as well as entrepreneurs and innovation-seeking biopharmaceutical companies’ access to global life science innovation and provides paths for successful tech transfer and commercialization for the benefit of patients and investors alike.

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