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  • Rapid Micro Biosystems Partners with Life Technologies Corporation on Automated Microbial Detection– Growth Direct™ System

    February 8, 2011

Businesses team to accelerate microbial detection and identification.

Bedford, MA – (February 8, 2011)– Rapid Micro Biosystems, a leading provider of automated, non-destructive, rapid microbial detection, today announced a sales and marketing agreement with Life Technologies Corporation, a provider of innovative life science solutions. For quality control microbiology customers, the agreement combines best in class automated microbial detection and enumeration with gold-standard microbial identification.

The agreement leverages the strengths of both companies, benefiting customers who struggle daily with time consuming, manual processes, and product safety testing where accuracy and time to results are critical. The goal of the agreement is to maximize industry adoption of the complementary technologies. The Growth Direct™ System from Rapid Micro Biosystems enables rapid microbial detection, and the MicroSEQ® Rapid Microbial Identification System from Life Technologies facilitates accurate bacterial and fungal identification.

“We are excited with the opportunity this alliance presents to our customers,” said Steve Delity, Chief Executive Officer of Rapid Micro Biosystems. “Rapid Micro is the leader in automated rapid detection, and through our collaboration with Life Technologies, the leader in microbial identification, we create a compelling value proposition for the marketplace.”

“The agreement with Rapid Micro Biosystems is part of our larger commitment to address the needs of microbiologists in product quality and safety testing,” said Tony Hunt, General Manager of Pharma Analytics at Life Technologies. “We are pleased to add the Growth Direct™ System for microbial detection to our overall microbiology portfolio.”