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  • Evotec to Strengthen its Compound Collection through a Collaboration with ChemBridge

    February 15, 2011

Hamburg, Germany – 15 February 2011: Evotec AG (Frankfurt Stock Exchange: EVT, TecDAX) today announced that it has entered into a collaboration with ChemBridge, to further enhance its screening library. This collaboration demonstrates Evotec’s continued improvement to its industry leading hit identification platform.

Evotec’s library of 250,000 drug-like and lead-like compounds is available to clients for screening and differentiated itself from other screening libraries through quality, diversity and novelty.Through this collaboration, Evotec will increase its high throughput screening collection through the addition of initially 110,000 diverse and lead-like compounds from the ChemBridge Library Collection. These new compounds complement the chemical diversity of Evotec’s existing collection and will further enhance the quality of the hits provided to our partners.

Dr Mario Polywka, Chief Operating Officer at Evotec stated: “We are happy to partner with ChemBridge on the expansion of Evotec’s high throughput screening collection. This collaboration coupled with our continued investment in our world leading, hit-identification platform will allow Evotec to maintain our market leadership and continue to provide high quality hit compounds to our clients.”

Mr. Eugene Vaisberg, Chief Executive Officer at Chembridge, commented: “We are pleased to have this opportunity to work with Evotec. This alliance will allow ChemBridge to expand the reach of its renowned small molecule screening library via Evotec’s industry leading hit- identification platform.”

No financial details are disclosed.