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  • Evotec AG – Medicinal Chemistry Collaboration with Active Biotech

    June 6, 2011

Hamburg, Germany – 6 June 2011: Evotec AG (Frankfurt Stock Exchange: EVT, TecDAX) today announced that it has entered into a medicinal chemistry collaboration with Active Biotech AB (NASDAQ OMX: ACTI), following the successful conclusion of a High Throughput Screening campaign to identify small molecule modulators of a priority biological target, selected by Active Biotech, involved in immune disorders and cancer.

Based on excellent progress made using its state-of-the-art Screening Platform in 2010, Evotec will now apply its integrated medicinal chemistry platform to optimise initial screening hits with the aim of progressing into a lead optimisation programme.

Dr Mario Polywka, Chief Operating Officer at Evotec stated: “We are delighted that our screening collaboration with Active Biotech has identified quality hits that we can now progress into a lead identification programme. This collaboration is a validation of our hit finding platform and also the confidence Active Biotech have in Evotec to support the further progress of this project. We look forward to working with the team at Active Biotech in their quest to find novel treatments to address immune disorders and cancer.”

Dorthe da Graça Thrige, Director of Development of Active Biotech, commented: Active Biotech strives to develop, efficiently and cost-effectively, new remedies for illnesses where today’s treatment options are inadequate, especially in the area of cancer and autoimmune diseases. It is key for us to collaborate with first class companies and we have been very impressed with Evotec’s hit identification activities on this important target and now look forward to progressing the hits through hit to lead.”