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  • DIREVO and BASF announce sale of Direvo’s novel engineered enzyme to BASF

    February 14, 2012

Ludwigshafen and Cologne, Germany – February 14, 2012 – BASF SE, a leader in
sustainable animal nutrition based in Ludwigshafen, Germany and Direvo, an industrial
biotechnology expert from Cologne, Germany, announce the recent sale of Direvo’s novel
feed enzyme to BASF. Direvo applied its expertise in industrial biotechnology to discover,
develop and optimize a mannanase enzyme that meets the needs of the feed industry.
Direvo´s tailor-made feed enzyme is an optimized and improved mannanase. It displays
superior temperature stability and efficacy. This novel enzyme will complement the existing
range of feed enzymes that BASF currently markets.
“There is no comparable enzyme on the market,” said Dr. Jorg Riesmeier, CEO of Direvo
Industrial Biotechnology GmbH. “In bringing this program to a successful sale, Direvo has
again demonstrated the versatility and power of its proprietary technology platform.” Enzyme
engineering brings several of Direvo’s core competencies into play, including high-throughput
screening and assay development.
“We are pleased that our unique enzyme with optimal characteristics for the animal feed
industry is enabling BASF to accelerate work on efficient and sustainable nutrition” he added.
“Enzymes are one of the focus areas of our innovation activities,” said Dr. Martin Jager
Global Head of BASF´s Animal Nutrition Business. “Direvo´s mannanase is an innovative
product with excellent market potential due to its combination of temperature and pelleting
stability. This technology package broadens our enzyme know how and enhances our
capabilities to make future animal nutrition more efficient and cost-effective.”
About Direvo Industrial Biotechnology GmbH
Direvo is a biotechnology company with a focus on the biomass conversion industry. Direvo identifies
bottlenecks and weaknesses in current industrial processes in this sector and develops and
implements biology-based solutions together with large and small industrial partners. Direvo’s
products are newly designed enzymes and microorganisms of the highest quality that provide easy-toimplement,
cost-effective solutions. Direvo’s contribution assures that our partners stay competitive
and profitable while we add to their ability to make the future cleaner, greener and safer.

More information about Direvo is available on the internet at