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  • CoLucid Pharmaceuticals Announces Initiation of First Phase 3 Pivotal Trial of Lasmiditan in Migraine

    April 28, 2015

First Patient Randomized in SAMURAI STUDYTrial Being Conducted Under Special Protocol Assessment Agreement with FDA

BURLINGTON, Mass., April 28, 2015 — CoLucid Pharmaceuticals, Inc., a Phase 3 clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company that is developing its lead product candidate, lasmiditan, for the acute treatment of migraine headaches in adults, announced today that the first patient has been randomized in its SAMURAI study, the Company’s first Phase 3 pivotal trial of lasmiditan.

The objective of SAMURAI is to evaluate the safety and efficacy of lasmiditan (100 mg and 200 mg) in comparison to placebo two hours after dosing on freedom from migraine headache pain, which is our primary endpoint, and on freedom from the most bothersome associated symptom of migraine (nausea, phonophobia or photophobia), which is our secondary endpoint. SAMURAI is a randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled parallel group study. The study is expected to treat up to 1,483 migraine patients with lasmiditan at approximately 70 U.S. sites for approximately 12 months. We expect patients will include those with migraine who also have cardiovascular risk factors or cardiovascular disease. SAMURAI is being conducted under a Special Protocol Assessment agreement with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.

About Lasmiditan
Lasmiditan has been designed to deliver efficacy for the acute treatment of migraine headaches in adults without the vasoconstrictor activity associated with previous generations of migraine therapies. It selectively targets 5-HT1F receptors expressed in the trigeminal pathway. Lasmiditan has been given the generic stem name “ditan,” which distinguishes it from other drug classes, including triptans, the current standard of care for migraine.

CoLucid has successfully completed seven clinical studies for lasmiditan, including a thorough QTc study and a Phase 2b study evaluating lasmiditan as a treatment for a single migraine attack in 391 patients. Lasmiditan is designed to address major unmet medical needs in patients who are poorly served by currently available therapies, including patients with cardiovascular risk factors or cardiovascular disease who may not be able to take triptans.

About Migraine
Migraine is the leading cause of disability among neurological disorders in the United States according to the American Migraine Foundation. An estimated 36 million Americans suffer from migraine. Migraine can be extremely disabling and costly, accounting for more than an estimated $20 billion in direct (e.g., doctor visits, medications) and indirect (e.g., missed work, lost productivity) expenses each year in the United States.

About CoLucid Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
CoLucid was founded in 2005 and is developing oral lasmiditan for the acute treatment of migraine headaches in adults and intravenous lasmiditan for the acute treatment of unspecified headache pain in adults in emergency room and other urgent care settings.

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