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  • TVM Life Science Innovation II SCSp Announces Investment in Vespina Lifesciences Inc.

    February 1, 2021

Luxembourg, February 1st, 2021 – TVM Life Science Innovation II SCSp today announced the Fund’s investment establishing Vespina Lifesciences Inc., a company based in Newark, Delaware.

Vespina Lifesciences Inc. plans to develop to proof-of-concept a potential best-in-class compound with the potential to treat certain types of inflammatory diseases including pulmonary indications with poor therapeutic options as well as non-pulmonary inflammatory diseases.

The compound was originally discovered and characterized at Neuprozyme Therapeutics ApS. “Vespina Lifesciences Inc. is excited to have the opportunity to develop this promising candidate to clinical proof-of-concept in collaboration with TVM Capital Life Science. Pulmonary diseases are now at the forefront of significant unmet clinical needs which need to be rapidly addressed, and there is a critical need to develop meaningful treatments.

There are upwards of 70,000 patients newly diagnosed with bronchiectasis in the US every year, and this is likely significantly underrepresented, as more than half of the 16+ million patients diagnosed with COPD in the US likely also have concurrent bronchiectasis.” said Ivan Shaw, CEO of Vespina Lifesciences Inc. “There are no approved treatments that specifically address the underlying mechanism of disease.”

“TVM Capital Life Science is proud to have enabled the creation of Vespina Lifesciences Inc., and to have secured the rights to a novel potential best-in-class asset that can positively impact challenging indication targets. This transaction is a testament to the benefits of our single asset and capital efficient investment model,” said Dr. Luc Marengere, Managing Partner with TVM Capital Life Science. “We are pleased to collaborate with Ivan Shaw and Chantal Miklosi, who will act as CEO and CFO respectively for Vespina Lifesciences Inc.”

This is the fifth early-stage investment for TVM Life Science Innovation II SCSp, a venture capital fund which follows a well-proven capital-efficient investment approach in developing pharmaceutical assets to human proof-of-concept in single-asset companies. Vespina Lifesciences Inc. will leverage its extensive product development expertise to potentially bring its asset to human proof-of-concept.